Six traits essay rubric

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Translate each fact for someone. Add SI tomatoes and when to use the written subjunctive or the only. It addresses all six traits and provides three supporting detailed examples for each.

points Information clearly relates to the main topic. It addresses most of the six traits and provides two- three detailed examples for each.

points Information relates to the main topic. 6 The organization makes the essay easy to read. 5 The beginning, middle, and ending work well.

What are the Traits?

Transitions are used. 4 The essay’s beginning, middle, and an ending use some transitions. 3 The middle needs transitions and a paragraph for each main point.

Lacks central idea • Development is minimal or non-existent • Purpose and main idea may be unclear and cluttered by irrelevant detail •May be unclear.

• Clear, focused, interesting ideas with appropriate detail • Evident main idea with some support which may be general or limited • Main idea may.

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General Writing Help. 6+1 Writing Traits Rubric based on work by ©Northwest Regional Educational Lab.

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Six traits essay rubric
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The Literate Learner - InterActive Six Trait Writing Process